Silent Earth - looking for communtiy feedback

Hey text adventure community,

I would love to hear your feedback on Silent Earth, a sci-fi Twine I'm making about finding one’s place despite an uncertain future. Play time is about half an hour. Download link here - unzip and launch the HTML file. (uploading to this site wasn't working, gonna look into that)

Context: I'm studying narrative design this semester at the Cologne Game Lab and wanted to put what I learned into practice by making a game. So far I've received some feedback from peers and friends, but I think text adventure players might have more pointed comments about the writing and format, so here we are!

You'll be added to the Special Thanks section of the game if you leave actionable feedback I end up integrating!

Game Synopsys: The colonists aboard Bean II struggle to find meaning after Earth stops responding to communications, putting their lifelong purpose into question. Players explore the off-world mining colony ship, navigate multi-linear character relationships, and steer the story toward one of five endings.

Update: the game is on Steam now, so I can send you a beta key upon request! Still working on integration.

And here it is!

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