La Botte de Neuvert - Beta testing [Quest][FR]

Hello everyone! (French version of this message below)

I have created my first Quest game (though not quite my first IF) and am looking for feedback to make sure it's ready for a public release. Finding logic bugs, feedback on puzzle difficulty, advice on the text... anything that can help, really.

First things first, it's entirely in French. Why? Because it was intended as a Mother's Day gift and my mom speaks French :). I haven't translated it (yet!) because it would be a significant endeavor and I'd like to gauge interest for the game first. Bit of a catch 22 if no one here reads French, but I'm hoping some do, even if you're still learning it at school or something.
I'm willing to help players with the fanciest words and sentences if need be.

So what is this game? A rather short adventure taking place in 15th century France. You are tasked by your friend, the Duke of Neuvert, to find his missing boot. The silly head forgot it back at the castle and he needs it for the King's ball. Why is it so important? Well, the boot is kind of famous. He's used it to kick butt all around and has never been defeated while wearing it. So of course, he's expected to be wearing it in the presence of royalty!
Now it's up to you to galop back to the castle, find the boot, and bring it back!

The main unusual(?) feature of the game is that I made extensive use of Quest's inline object links and verb buttons. While it should be playable using the command line, it's intended to be playable entirely with a mouse (or tapping a touchscreen I suppose). I hope this won't throw off IF purists too much.

Click below to access the game page:
La Botte de Neuvert

Bonjour tout le monde !

J'ai créé mon premier jeu avec Quest (j'ai déjà créé une fiction intéractive ou deux par ailleurs) et je cherche à avoir des retours concernant de possibles bugs, la difficulté des puzzles et la qualité du texte. Toute aide sera la bienvenue.

Le jeu est entièrement en français car il a été créé pour la Fête des Mères et c'est la langue de ma mère :).

Il s'agit d'une courte aventure prenant place au 15e siècle, en France. Votre ami, le Duc de Neuvert, vous a confié la mission de retrouver sa botte, la fameuse Botte de Neuvert ! Il parait qu'il n'a jamais été vaincu en combat lorsqu'il la portait. Mais ce tête-en-l'air l'a oubliée au château et il est impensable qu'il se présente au bal du Roy sans cette botte légendaire.
C'est à vous qu'il incombe de retourner au château, trouver la botte, et la lui ramener !

Pour ce jeu, j'ai fait usage de la capacité qu'a Quest à fournir des liens cliquables pour les objets, ainsi que des boutons pour les verbes, afin de pouvoir jouer entièrement à la souris (ou au doigt sur smartphone, je suppose). Je n'ai pas poussé les tests mais il devrait être tout à fait possible de jouer en ligne de commande malgré tout. En espérant que ça ne gêne pas trop les puristes d'IF parmi vous.

Cliquez ci-dessous pour accéder à la page du jeu :
La Botte de Neuvert

I don't speak fluent French, but I took two years in high school, and passed, at least to my memory, the last one with a "C." ...I also have google translate.

I'll have a look at it.

Well, right off the bat, I can see it works. Also, it seems to be fairly big.

I guess I'll keep this for later. Trying to read a foreign language is giving me a headache.

It might take an hour or so to finish possibly. Maybe less. Thanks for trying, I totally understand it's a huge added difficulty when it's in a different language than you're used to.

Well, as usual, I don't know what I'm supposed to do. But that always happens.

It's a good game, nonetheless. I left a comment on there.

Maybe you could take a look at my games. Mainly, the "The Legend of the Secret of the Stinky, Smelly Fish" one.

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