Looking for some initial feedback

I'm in the process of developing this game, and would like to get some initial feedback.

It's built in Squiffy, but different from most of the text adventures / CYOA you might have come across on this site, but I'll let you go in blind - as most users will.

This is in the very early stages of development, so you may encounter bugs, glitches, plenty of typos and duplicated graphics. Equally, the script is completely unrefined and needs serious work.


What I really want feedback on is usability - is the interface intuitive? Did you understand how to progress?

The target audience will mostly be school aged children, early to late teens (explicit language will not feature in the version for younger audiences).

It's hosted off-site:


I've designed it to run on any modern phone, although glitches might mean a PC is a better bet for the time being. Works well on Android, but haven't tested it much on iOS yet although there's no real reason why it shouldn't work as it's all HTML compliant.

I tested a bit on PC. It stopped working when I got the contact to Ryan. I found the idea great and original. The entire game will be that way?

Yeah, you won't get any further than Ryan at the moment.

As I say, very early development stages at the moment.

The intention is that the entire game will play out in that format, but with additional mechanics introduced as you progress - image sharing, maps, looking for information online, social media etc.

At this stage I'm mostly interested in whether the interface is intuitive enough.

I tested on laptop with a touchscreen.
Interface works with both touchscreen and mouse, no complaints there. I really like the format, and it was pretty clear what to do- click the response you want to give, those little pointing hands indicate what you can click.
When I'm talking with each person right after chapter 1 ends (trying to get party invite), the default name displays a few times instead of the name I put in. http://imgur.com/xquiUZY http://imgur.com/ng07B8r
And then yeah it stops working after I get Ryan & Hailey.

Ahhh, thanks.

It's a good reminder that I'm going to have to be very careful with user variables. I must have accidentally reverted to hard coding them for those passages.

Glad that the general consensus is that it easy to navigate.

I tried this out, but there is just one thing, it lets you change the names, but they're not always changed in the dialogue, which gets a little confusing.
Edit: I also named one of them Ryan and when it got to the bit where Ryan said, "it's not me inviting people, it's Ryan" it got weird.

Anyways, cool game.

Yeah, thanks. The incorrect names in some passages are an oversight on my part. Glad people have flagged as it's probably a mistake I'd have continued to make.

In terms of the additional characters potentially sharing player entered names, the final version will check all names for duplicates and replace supporting cast names to avoid the issue you mentioned. But again thanks for flagging.

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