New The Legend of the Secret of the Smelly, Stinky Fish

This is my "The Legend of the Secret of the Smelly, Stinky Fish."
I just want some to play test this. I heard it was an option, and I'd really like some feedback.

It's Fantasy, I guess, and it also has combat. I haven't counted them exactly, but there are 100+ rooms, not altogether, of course. It is not a dungeon crawler, technically.

It is also a maze. Or, I tried to make it maze-like.
Trust me, it's not hard.

I still need to work on the ending, and work on some of the grammar.

If you see a room go from something like "Cave 3 R 4," to Cave 3 R 10," it's supposed to do that. The rooms are named after the order they were created in.

Quick little romp down to level 9.

My input.

  1. In the opening room when you get the fish and then look again at the room, it says the fish is still in the room.
  2. I'm not sure what it would take, but I think mentioning the monsters that show up in the room would be beneficial?
  3. Also, is it possible for you to close exits if a monster is in the room with you? It would add a tremendous amount to the game if you could do that. When I got down to level 9, I simply just started clicking to try and wiggle my way through the maze and I totally started ignoring the monsters.
  4. Could you also only allow the purchase of each item from the shops one time? It would up the difficulty level.
  5. The orc and the ogre should be proceeded with the prefix 'an' not 'a'. Also, the ogre does not have a description when examined.
  6. Also, I noticed that when just running through the maze, it seemed that every time you entered a room that had a monster in it, then one more monster was added upon re-entering. Is it possible to go back and forth and continuously reset the monster in the room and rack up an infinite amount of gold and level?

Not a bad start. I will fully review once I have completed it. Best of luck.

There are 6 caves.

I thought about locking the rooms, but that would leave the problem of which rooms...

I thought about a menu system.... decided against it.
I'm still working on it....

Yeah, the locking system only works if you have a name for something. Doesn't work if you have random monsters spawning.

Fixed the message thing with the fish, though.

I guess I could hook up a system where things are locked by an integer or a Boolean....

...It would be easier just to set up a menu.

I updated the game. Now it has an ending.

Still going to be working on it for many hours.

...Now to go through the trouble of uploading it...

Oops. I made the monster unbeatable.

Be right back...

Okay, NOW the game was fixed! There was a mix-up with the name changing and the this.dead, and the game was confused.......

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