Door Chapter 1 (feedback needed)

I've made my first gamebook and I'm looking for some feedback. I plan on making it mutable parts. there is nothing too major In the game i'm going to change at this time but I am starting my second gamebook and I could use some tips.

link to game:

i'm still looking for feedback

Adding a link here might help getting feedback.

I gave it a shot. Found a typo: 'I did not here ...', but that's probably not the sot of feedback you are after.

I found the combination of the simple illustrations with short text nice. What I found annoying (to a degree that it would stop me from reading really) is that I had to scroll down manually on basically every page. It's click, scroll, click, scroll and so on, and that in totally linear parts as well.

thank you bergedorfcacher

I will make sure to add a link to the game in the post.
for the typos thank you for pointing that out.
for the scroll problem I've added an extra option to turn on page clear at the beginning

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