A one choice game...

One choice, make the most of it...


What if it was some random pedophile trying to get you to look at child porn...? Lol, idk.

That's the thing with those types of intros. It could be anyone.
Also, I chose to stop playing because I didn't want to download anything. My Kindle is too messed up as it is.
And calling him James all the time was creepy.
I just found the whole game incredibly cheesy!

Anyways, I have heard the story of "you do this, you get whatever you want, someone dies" before. There was a movie on it. Basically, it's an excuse to allow the author to write whatever they want. But it was a button you had to press, and I'm half-way sure the people doing it weren't told it would kill someone, but not fully sure.

And $10,000,000? Was it? Is that in millions, or thousands? You had better make it millions, $10,000 is chump change for middle class, highly paid workers in America, assuming they don't have a lot of debt.

Nothing downloads. It's all simulated.


...okay, well, I declined, and won the game...

Wow, that was very interesting story.

^Sebatian2203 up there got me curious. I played again, and picked the agree option.

Got to say, I loved the horrific way the man tells him they are moving on to a new victim; completely sadistic; best part of the whole story.

I do hope you will improve the rest of the writing, and expand on the story...

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