Cataclysm of Chaos


I have a WIP game up in the WIP section, called Cataclysm of Chaos. It is in active development and is in its fifth public beta release (V5). I'm looking for any feedback that people are willing to give me, good or bad; both helps in their own way.

If interested here is a link to the game =

EDIT: Uploaded Hotfix 1. Fixes numerous bugs and modifies the loot system. Details on the game page!

EDIT2: I'm still working on V6 Release. Implemented negative traits and working on adding a few more Journal entries at the moment. Just mentioning it as previously I've been able to release a new update once every week or so, but this Release, #6, has been significantly harder to do than the previous updates, which has slowed me down considerably. Just mentioning it because I've not given up on the game, just been delayed. I'm keeping at it!

EDIT3: If all goes well, I'll be releasing V6 later today (its 1am Oct 14, so sometime on Oct 14).

Updated the game to V6. Numerous new advanced features have been added, which should give a lot more depth to player choices and greatly improve the challenge of the game. Also, found and fixed numerous bugs as well!

If interested, here is the link for it =

EDIT1: Hotfix 1 for V6 is now released.

EDIT2: Hotfix 2 for V6 is now released.

EDIT3: Hotfix 3 for V6 is now released.

Updated the game to V7. Added a few new systems, fixed a bunch of bugs, and improved upon Immersion and UI in this release. Enjoy!

Link =

EDIT1: Released Hotfix 1. Don't know what is causing the occasional triple linebreak, and have tried troubleshooting it for at least 2 hours. Otherwise, fixes some UI issues, some spelling issues, and the extreme bolding of recast spell.

EDIT2: Released Hotfix 2. Solved the triple linebreak issue as well as a bunch of other linebreak issues, and a couple major logic errors.

Updated the game to V8. Added a bunch of new UI stuff, including an overhauled combat system. Also, created a new monster description system to really add immersion to the game.

Will be adding a hotfix shortly, to patch in some things I didn't have time to do for this release, as it has been about two weeks since the last release. In particular monster descriptions for Section 2, 3 and 4.

Link =

EDIT: Updated to Hotfix 1.

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