Post-Halloween Challenge

I offer a challenge and hope some accept...

In the light of RH's little Halloween Game, I propose a little challenge to any interested.

Create a Halloween-themed game/experience that can be completed in less than 20 minutes. It can be scary, funny, candy-filled, text adventure or gamebook, a simple story, a CYOA, parser game... whatever. The only thought is that it be kept QUITE short. We don't have many solid, little games that can be played in a quick sit-down session. Sometimes I just want a sit-and-go type game. Let's crank a few out. The last I recall that kind of fit this bill was Spondre by Jay (and I am not suggesting anything of that quality or magnitude).

Captivating. Well-crafted. Thoughtful.

What do we say? I'm in because I am always looking for a fun little challenge!

Started mine about an hour ago so...




Did the Dumb Halloween Game count?

Captivating. Well-crafted. Thoughtful.


Well, that's a resounding 'no.'

Okay, I'm in!

(And I'll be submitting something more solid than an escape the room / rise from the grave quickie this time, too (maybe).)


Very short.

EDIT: There is a much better version now. This link takes you to it, not the old version.


I just changed Rolling with RH around a lot...

Sounds good... and fun...


Rolling with RH updates:

  • No more JS countdown to bog everything down
  • Works the same, whether you're playing online or offline
  • Now you can PAUSE the clock (in case you have to pee or something)
  • Added some scenery objects

(The game still sucks, though. No update can fix THAT!)


Just updated Rolling with RH again.

Added all sorts of stuff! (Most of it is scenery, so good luck finding it!)

DL, I hope you don't mind me borrowing some of your stuff. (You'll have to find it in the game to see what it is!)

Go for it...
You can even add a friend to the Fox... (Kitsune... she is a fox with hypnotic skills and 9 tails...)


Kitsune... she is a fox with hypnotic skills and 9 tails.

That's sounds cool!

I would use her, but I'd just f--k it all up. I'll wait until you write her into something.

I plan on adding her to Wumpus 4...
My ideas could prove to be "interesting" to say the least!!!

Update: Just got to tidy up the ending and add sounds. A day or two away tops from publishing "Good Night." insert creepy music

Got mine started...
Dark Halloween...
Trying something new... the player can die... but it should be worth dying just to see...
Why is there a fence around grave yards???

Because people are dying to get in!!!

I didn't create mine in 20 minutes but I have a Halloween event/holiday in my game called "Hallow's Shroud"




Good Night


Creepy audio...

Sounds groovy!

Dark Halloween

I played a sample of this. (I got it from one of DL's clones.)

Can't wait for the rest!

Hallow's Shroud

I played a little of this. (Anonynn is a story-crafting genius!)

Rolling with RH

Have you tried:

  • Examining the road?
  • Entering XYZZY?
  • Quitting the game?
  • Swinging from the TP?
  • Squeezing the TP?
  • Searching the tree?

Dumb Halloween Game has been updated.

  • Added the AGAIN command
  • Switched from the > prompt to the text input box
  • Added a few things to the HELP/HINT response

FYI... Dark Halloween is coming along, lots to do and see...
I'm sure it will fit in the 20 minute "requirement"...
(The hardest part is the spell checking...)
A question from another source...
Do witches use a spell checker?

I got this error.

kick roll of toilet paper

You toss the TP up in the air and kick at it. You miss, of course (like always).

You play it off cool for a second, then you pick it back up.
Error running script: Error compiling expression '"0+"game.seconds': SyntaxError: Unexpected token "game___DOT___seconds"


Error running script: Error compiling expression '"0+"game.seconds': SyntaxError: Unexpected token "game___DOT___seconds"

I dislike that error.

It seems to happen when Quest is printing the output from the last command at the same exact time it's trying to print the 'You have this much time left' message.


There's gotta be a way to avoid that without having to use a status pane...



I had game.secondsDisplayed = "0+"game.seconds, when it should have been game.secondsDisplayed = "0"+"game.seconds.

Good find, jmne! Thank you!

Rolling with RH has just been updated:

Dark Halloween... Now available for your reading enjoyment...
Not finished, still not sure how I want to end it...
The clues are there... but you may need to re-play it to understand them...
(And some till still need explaining...)

Just updated Dumb Halloween Game.

I haven't finished DL's game yet, but he hasn't finished making it, so we're "on the same page". (Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!)


Just updated Rolling with RH.

Dark Halloween is finished... May have a miss spelling or two...

I'm sure I got everything covered...



You've finished DH?

I shall play!

It's misspelling.... no spaces.

Never said I could spell...
Maybe... It's Mrs. Spelling???
You know, the English teacher???

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