Feedback please, character creation system

This isn't a particularly sensible game, as can be seen from the list of classes you can choose from.

It asks you a couple of questions, and then picks a race and class based on your answers. There's a small random factor, but not too much, as well as some hidden quirks in the system. There will be more questions eventually, and then an actual game after it.

Tomb of the Dead

Ah, looks like it's suffering from the devmode problems ):

Yeah, I can't get it to play. Mine's having an issue with the DevMode as well. Tabulator.min.js or something like that. I already posted it on the regular forums. I'll check out your character creation though as soon as the issue is solved. I'd love your feedback on mine too :D


If you re-publish, should work now.

I had a quick play of the downloaded version. I liked the idea, and conceptually it is quite like Anonynn's. However, it felt to random to me, like my choices had little to no effect on the outcome (and favourite colour is apparently unrelated to the result, so in effect whatever that does is random).

I was thinking about the questions on the "Which house would you be in?" personality quizzes you find online. Rather than having a specific "this question determines your race", each answer can give points towards a race, class, or both. Some connections are obvious, some less so. For example, if your favourite colour is brown, that gives you points towards the "barista" class. Some of the colours determine your eye colour; the ones that correspond to colours of magic in this world will increase your points towards the mage classes, and possibly give you an appropriate elemental affinity. So across a dozen questions, if you pick all joke answers you'll probably get a bard/entertainer type class; and if you pick the logical/pedantic answers, you're more likely to get a scholar/mage type.

I suspect some of the choices may seem odd because I've given the classes unusual names, so it's not so obvious what abilities they will have.

Once I've got the mechanics working neatly, I'll put in more questions, which will mean that your choices have more weight compared to the random factor. I'm planning them to start out with simple things that feel like a personality test, but then move on to questions like "Where are you most likely to go for a drink? Pub / tavern /wine bar / dive bar / restaurant", and "How many drinks do you usually have?" "And what are you drinking?" "How do you respond when the guy next to you says hello?" ... and that guy goes on to offer you a quest.

Did you spot the hidden answers, by the way? I'm not sure if I was being too subtle.

I've also been playing around with allowing arbitrary answers. Modifying ShowMenu so that as well as allowCancel true/false, there's a third way which means that the player can either choose a menu option or type their own answer at the command prompt, and either way it gets passed to the same callback. The scripts need a little more polish for that, though.

Ultima 4 and 5 created your character based on a matrix of 8 questions...
Then used that final answer to determine your class.

I based my character creation model off of "Orge Battle 3: March of the Dark Queen". It's really cool. I have questions about morality and switch it around to change the gender of those involved to keep it fresh etc. I tried not to ask questions that the player would assume is something they are choosing about their character but something they themselves would answer.


How the heck is munchkin a job?

It isn't, it's a character class.


Character class, okay, it still makes no sense to me.

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