Space Ship

(Yea, a better name later..)
2 years ago, you saw the poster:
The Frontier awaits the few, the proud, the bold.
Boldly explore new star systems.
Scan never before seen planets.
Protect Earth from any and all alien invaders.
Enlist today and do your part!
So, you joined, and your test scores put in the ship command class.
You excelled, and you were informed you were third in line for captain training.
Not too bad, but today... Today, after surviving all the simulator training...
Today you are on an escort class ship heading to Mars to take command of a real space ship!!!
The corvette, The Abbot, a training ship that will allow you to prove you have what it takes to be a space ship captain...
Provided you don't screw this up... You lower your face remembering your first simulator run...
1 minute, 23 seconds... The newest record for the shortest command ever...
But, today... A real space ship!!!

OK, really, for now it is just the ship mover, Nav and Speed work.
It is more of a UI test. More work is needed, AND, yea... I know, I can't spell worth a damm!!
This version is based on the board game Star Fire... a simple ship to ship space battle game.
More advanced ship controls will come later, "acquired" from other board games...
Yes, the link:

11 plays, 8 downloads, and no comments???
Was the interface understandable???
Was it easy to use and understand???
This is what I want to find out.
Is this "playable" or is there a hard learning curve?
I wrote it, so I know what to expect and what to do...

Still tweaking, still adjusting, still setting the game scale to make it feel "real"...

Hi DarkLizerd,

I tried to play your game. I like the idea of a spaceship, but seems like something doesn't work there

I am getting this error all the time
Error running script: Error evaluating expression 'ToInt(result)': Input string was not in a correct format.

What did you do?
I wonder if that was a bug I was working out that I did not clear...
Update soon with something to actually do... or shoot at that may shoot back.

I had a brief look at your game today. First impressions - I didn't proceed past the intro screen. Reason - typos, spelling & grammar.
Fix these first as I personally find it a major turn off especially when there are so many. Cut & paste your text into a word processor and let it "fix" most of them and plug it back in. There may still be others to find but at least it may be easier to read and entice people to play on.
I'll have another look later to see how it has been fixed, and proceed from there.

Thanks for the feedback, sounds like I have more than I expected.

For something that, for the most part, does nothing, yet, there seems to be a fair amount of interest here...
Thanks to Pixie, the scanner is no longer a black box "place holder" (And it works!!!)...
I've redone the command buttons and have a working range selector for the scanner...
BUT, it's still just a ship mover, no firing at targets... yet....
I'll release an update then...

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