That's what friends are for.

THATS WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR just published on public. It is a very short game. My first for some time. Any comments or advice welcome.

DavyB. Thanks for feedback. Think I sorted all errors. Sorry but you got all endings. Very short game.

You have an error when trying to open door 301. I believe you have a script somewhere referencing room 101.

I looked in the shoe and found a lottery ticket that my friend had but other than that had no indication of any lottery win whatsoever. So, I was a little confused by that.

Check the capitalization on objects. Just a personal preference. Some are capitalized and some are not (one has a period after it). I prefer all objects to be lower case. I'll mess around with it some more and give more feedback.

Xanmag. This is a short game there is no more to it. The game starts with the player in the apartment. I did not say that he had just arrived. I only said "Henry is not here". You were supposed to assume that you were looking for Henry. If you look in shoe before finding Henry, after, and at home you get progressively more info, butI have deliberately given no clue to do that unless you are replaying it. I fixed door 301 and capitals. Thanks for that. (I changed room numbers to make it higher floor. I missed a reference. Your feedback much appreciated.

Hi FT, this game has a good central idea and some nice humorous touches but it is VERY short! To me, it feels more like a Work-In-Progress. Apart from the rooms that can’t be entered the secondary cereal bar theme would be better if integrated with the main mystery. I have found a few more glitches but announcing them in the forum might be too much of a spoiler? Two I can mention are (i) try looking at door 302; (ii) use ‘look’ in the final home location.

...FT, if you want my further (spoiler!) suggestions then please drop me a private email at [email protected]

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