Kiss Land

(I will post progress updates here later.)


Have you been here this whole time lurking or have you recently come back?? I THINK I remember you from WAY back when?

Nope. Wrong and wrong. You’re the space invaders guy! :)

Looking forward to the new game.

Nice intro!!!

Few weeks ago I got my hands on an old laptop so I was more than glad to come back to coding and set up a frame for the game I want to release sometime this year.

The summer season is here so I will be unable to do anything properly until at least September but I am glad I managed to code some stuff

Randomly generated planets and space


Basics of space combat


this is quite intresting

I'm not seeing a game, if it's listed.
But it seems interesting.

Development of this unreleased game is resumed.

Also I have to post something in this thread so it wont get locked.

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