Almost ready for beta: Dragon Ball Ken


Hi guys, i have been experimenting with quest and have been creating a new game called Dragon Ball Ken. (as stated by the title.) I have been planning to release this game for a while and was wondering if there was anyone who would be interested in playing it. It is a text adventure, open-world dragon ball game with heavy rpg-elements throughout it. I am currently using an rpg-style library by "the pixie" which is straightforward enough for me to create the groundwork of the game.

Anyway here are my plans for the beta version of the game (0.0.1) which I will be uploading in about a week after i go through and correct any spelling or punctuation errors i may have skimmed over in my first run. (just some background info as to what will be in the beta)


A saiyan is born with a power level of 10. Ranked among the lower class it is sent to conquer a planet known as Lanket. You are that saiyan. Conquer the planet, or befriend its people. Grow in strength after every battle and achieve new heights of power. Fight against legendary heroes and infamous villains. Travel from planet to planet learning new techniques. Achieve forms new and old to multiply your power. launch powerfull techniques to decimate your foes. Collect the dragon balls and gain immortality, wealth, candy, or power. Become an unstoppable force for good, or evil, or be quashed beneath your enemies boot-heal. In this Text based rpg adventure the choice is yours.

VERSION 0.0.1 (beta)

-Available worlds: Lanket

-Transformations: Potential Unlocked, Kaio-ken x2, super saiyan

-super attacks: Color beam cannon, Meteor shot, Doom blast, Disruptor rush, Lightning Strike, Sauzer blade, Ki Blast

-Clothes/armor: saiyan armor, lankesian armor, Scouter, frieza soldier armor, Lankesian Priests Gi, Lankesian Berserker Gi, Demon Lord Gi

-Dragon Ball Z/Cho/GT Characters: N/A (Currently unavailable)

-Items: Scouters, misc foods, Lankesian Dragon Orbs

-Weapons: Nano-blades, Dragon Blade, Lankesian Daggers

-RPG-style combat by "The Pixie"


I will be releasing this beta version as a finished product, however if it is recieved well enough i will gladly continue to add "expansions" (or updates) to it that will connect it to the main dragon ball universe. Keep in mind this entire work will basically be a fan parody/spin-off of akira toriyama's work with Dragon Ball, Z, Gt, And Cho/super.

If you have any questions, or would be interested in testing it when it is released let me know.


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