Can i write an adventure in another language?

Sorry if this was answered somewhere else but I have to bother you with one question:
"Can I write an adventure or textbook in another language (iam talking about Czech, which is not in the selection panel)???"
'Couse Iam Czech and my English is horrible (you can see) but I still want to write something. >:3
Thanks for answer. Iam so glad. Really. Reallyyy glaaad. Thanfks. (Please don't tell me this was in the rules or somewhere. damn. i know Iam an idiota. ._.)

You would need to have a Czech translation. If you are using the desktop version, you can do that yourself. The best way is to copy the English file, and then change the text to Czech.

There are instructions here:

But give a shout if you need more help.

You only NEED to translate the bits your game uses, but if you do it all, and e-mail it to me, I will include it in Quest, and it will appear in the selection panel. I received a Greek translation just today, and that will appear in Quest 5.8, whenever that comes out.

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