Solar Trader 2 is open for playtesting

Solar Trader 2 will be a game of trading, flying and everything else in the solar system in 2075. Right now, you can fly around without any restriction. There is also a flight school to show you how it works. Have fun. More to come!

Massive ship functionality upgrades. Revamped training program. You can even land on planets and take off again (no city adventures yet).

Learn to fly a space ship!

Apologies to everyone who might have had problems with the game. Apparently I was right on the edge of the line length with my graphics. It caused wrapping (on some computers) which caused the flight path to look funky. I've fixed it and it should play correctly now on ALL computers.

Good thing you weren't really in space when my code broke, eh?

New version is up to play. Flight training has been advanced and a number of little things added. Next will be work on the various bases and stations that you might visit.

V0.4 - Added status of passengers (paying and otherwise) as well as your health and morale (bottom of the ship's panel - click for legend). Added last two buttons - the encyclopedia and the pod/cargo status. Added fines for no lights in orbit.

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