IFComp entry


My IFComp entry is now live if anyone is interested. Thanks to KV and forum members for their help as ever.




Good luck NecroDeath!

For any one who wants to support, you only need to play 5 games in the contest to be a judge! Here is a link to all ifcomp entries.


Also, a link to my entry (are we the only two questers?)




I know I could probably find the answer to this by clicking the link but I'm takin' the lazy route today.

To be a judge, do you have to actually finish/beat the 5 games to be a judge?

I managed to make it through your intro.
First off, if I am suppose to use my phone to 'read' the poster; you should probably include a noticeable QR code on the image. I looked at the poster and was told looking at things is normally important but it's just an intro. That basically infers that nothing in the room is important. Second. I would recommend making your intro without repeatedly explaining it's an intro. A good intro should provide all the information you need to start playing the game while feeling like you have already started playing the game.

Side note. Personally I find images in text adventure games detract from using ones own imagination. Maybe that's just me?

If I finish playing the game later I will post more of my thoughts.
I hope you find this information useful.
Good luck.

Hi Svarii,

I think you have got my game confused with J_J's game. There is no poster or phone in mine.



You have to have played 5 games to completion, or the 2 hour point.


Also necrodeath sorry for hijacking your thread. That wasn't my intention. But heads up that on the intfiction forum someone got stuck on your game and needs a hint on how to progress.

No apologies necessary, thanks I saw the post - he contacted me by twitter and has progressed now.

Yeah. I got the authors mixed up. My bad.

Also thanks for letting me know about the 2 hour thing. I might play 5 games so I can vote now.

Cool! I didn't know you've finished yours. That's great!!!

I like the mouse picture!
I don't remember if I played your game.

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