The Rainbow Deal - A grim adventure about cute critters

Hello, everyone!

This is the first time I post anything on here and the game I announce is also my first choice-based story I've ever written! Also, I made little animations and drew illustrations but I'm not that great of an artist XD.
The Rainbow Deal is basically a fantasy adventure about the search of a young creature trying to save his little brother. I wanted to create an interactive story with real choices and consequences and no cheap game-overs.

If you like cute Pokemon-like creatures but also a serious story and character developement give this one a try! I'd be very happy for any feedback, especially constructive criticism. (I mean it, if you could help me improve everyone would profit, right?)

I've currently only completed the first chapter but it is already a pretty long game. I'll continue it regardless of popularity though because I really enjoyed writing it :-)

Have a nice week everyone!

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