Heavenhead Squad Intel Testing and Voice Acting


Above is the work in progress of the game Heavenhead Squad. If anyone wants to test out the game while it is in its early stages and provide feedback or give new ideas that would be much appreciated. I am already working with a person who is voice acting one of the 2 characters but am also looking for someone who can take the time to voice act or read out some lines. Anyone interested either leave comment on the game or send me an email at [email protected]

My main feedback at this point, given a cursory look, is that the color scheme (font color on background color) is a bit taxing on the eyes. It's not impossible to read, but it's also not easy. The blue of the links is a relief (not that I even like blue links).

Just one person's opinion. :)

(Also, the font on the "where this story came from" page is horrible. I don't know why people create fonts that hurt to look at.)

I completely agree with Jay Nabonne regarding the font and color schemes.

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