My Game is Finally (~95%) Glitch Free!

Guys, I am here to announce that my "The Legend of the Secret of the Smelly, Stinky Fish", is now not only finished, but totally glitch free! I got the ending to work!!!
(Heh, the word 'bug' is different from 'glitch'. Right....)

But, take a look at the listing though! Lol!

Well I wouldn't be saying that it is "totally bug free" because that just provides a challenge for me. Sorry to be so picky, I'm sure you thought it was great. Did you have anyone playtest it for you other than family or friends who may not have wanted to offend you?
Here is the opening text when played...

January 202X
You were an explorer, spelunking dangerously in a large, dark cave. It was just for fun, but then you fell.
You laid unconscious on the ground for some time, then slowly wake up.
You see a group of trolls. Green Trolls, and the Chief Troll.
There is a small underground reservoir, and a small river/stream leading out of there.
Best to talk to someone.
Suddenly, you smell something horrible. You spy a fish flopping on the ground.

MT. PBLPHHTTTTTTTTTT - Is this a typo, stuck 'T' on your keyboard, or something else. It is certainly not a pronounceable word in English or any other language for that matter.

January 202X - again, is this a typo or are you using some weird calendar system?

Is this supposed to be past or present tense? You have both here.
Past tense - "You were an explorer..." and "You laid unconscious..." then in the same sentence you change to present tense - "then slowly wake up".
You see a group of trolls. Green Trolls, and the Chief Troll. This would read better if it were a single sentence eg. "You see a group of Green Trolls with the Chief Troll."
"a small river/stream" - Decide which it is and then use only that. You are speaking like HK's posts.
"Best to talk to someone." - this sentence seems a little out of context. Is it meant to be a hint? Other than talking to yourself, who else is around that can talk? Certainly not the Trolls. (Can trolls talk? I suppose they can if you want them to but would you be able to understand them?)
"Suddenly, you smell something horrible." - If I was in a place with something that smelt horrible, I'm sure I would be aware of it from the start and not have it SUDDENLY attack my olfactory glands.

From a start like this, I didn't want to go any further, so I quit.

Ha-ha, apparently you don't know what trying to be comedic is. Also not knowing whether to use stream or river. And yes, "Best to talk to someone" is a hint.

Edit, 10:30
Fine, I changed "stream/river" to waterway, considering the river constantly changes sizes.

I'm going to have to save for later. Screenshot maybe?

I found out I just got 100 plays (though some are me). Yay!

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