Looking for beta tester


Hey all, so I'm looking for [1] more beta tester for the game I've been working on. I'm getting this game ready for IfComp, so the link can't be posted publicly. I'm looking for someone who will play through my game and then copy all of the text, so that I can get an idea of what commands you tried to use, and how you progressed the game... As well as general feedback on spelling, game play, errors, etc.

This game is a black comedy sci-fi adventure. It's traditional parser fiction, and you progress the game through interacting with people and objects. There is no combat. The first third of the game is essentially solving puzzles and amassing information and objects that will be necessary to solve a mystery in the second act of the story.

I've been working on this story pretty obsessively for seven months, so the first part of the game is the most polished. Also, despite being a native English speaker and using a spell check, I have a really hard time with spelling and grammar. So, just heads up.

If anyone is interested just PM me. I just need one person at this point.

I'm still waiting for the link ;)


Did you get the link I sent? I'm not sure if my pm s always go through.

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