My first Demo "The girl touched by fire " ( Horror)

Okay wanted to make a little bit of advertising for my first own project. I Think you can already recognize in which direction it should go, after this very short demo. Maybe you can give me some tips for monsters and similar.

It's a nice start. The atmosphere is alright; I like the sound effects, though they may become repetitive. Any change of turning them off ingame?
The screen's layout is a choice I probably wouldn't make. The red text is very bright and becomes annoying after a while. The text doesn't stay onscreen while playing. It disappears from the bottom of my browser. Since the game is still WIP you'll find out for yourself while testing it.

There are a few typos, like:
Et least Carmy can look around now. A hole is on the ceiling, Possibly...
Again, WIP right?

Keep up the good work, so far it's interesting!

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