Setokaiva's Collection of Novelized Roleplaying Logs (v1.5)

I have created a submission for Quest! It's a set of 30+-page gamebooks just for some light (and sometimes heavy) erotic reading. Tags include monster girls, vore, soft digestion, and much more! You can see the listing at the bottom of this post. Me and my RP partners hammered these out together, and got the idea to turn the logs into a novelized format so others could read them.

The only problem is, that I have already announced this here on the Quest forums back in June of last year, and since then I've increased the amount of stories in it up to 6. And I'm likely going to keep adding additional stories as I roleplay with my partners. So why is it still unlisted? Seriously. I sent a message requesting help to the mods at least last week, and I haven't heard back, either. So now I'm coming here to make a new forum post, since my old one closed due to inactivity. Thus far the only hits I've managed to get are from putting the link out to random sites, but it makes little sense for it to be active and viewable on this site and not be part of the Quest adult games roster.

As for the argument "It's not a game, there are no choices"... there are choices. 6 big choices. And I think both my quality and quantity of content are more than worth looking at. I've seen bare-bones 'games' like 'Snap-Chat' in the adult section that, despite being funny, are so low in content you can blow through them in less than 5 minutes. I've accumulated six full-length RP sessions worth of stories you could fill a decent evening with, and have no intention of stopping now.

So... anyone who is interested, please, come check out my work! The link is right down below. And mods/admins, if you see this, please do consider my humble request. If you have any questions or concerns, I will answer promptly and honestly. I would greatly appreciate you putting my work up on the official listings. Thank you so much!

It's still unlisted because you havent changed this option. Go to your game, choose "Edit this listing" and change the option "Who can access this game?" to "everybody"

Actually, I have changed that option. Multiple times. And every time I click 'Update', it simply says it's still unlisted. I figured it was because a moderator has not yet come along and personally 'unlocked' my logs for release on the public listings, which is why I can only give them out via link. Here are a few images as proof I set the option:

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