StoreyMinus - a modern dungeon crawl

StoreyMinus is a dungeon crawl beneath the modern streets of London. There is everything there, from the mundane to the fantastic. And there are plenty of characters for you to play as.

Of course, I’ll warn you – it’s not fair. And it’s pretty dangerous. So be warned. Also, it’s not for kiddies.

Even better, I’m always adding more adventures to this sprawling underworld. And it’s random every time you play it!

So check it out – run the tutorial and try to work out the many minigames. You’ll thrill! You’ll die! You’ll cry! But you’ll have a fun time.

(and please post bugs here so I can clean them up!)

2.3 was just a lot of fun coding for me. First off, I added goals. I felt a little lost on the scenarios where you had an “out” and could easily retreat. Now you have something you need to look for (based on your starting scenario). It’s just like looking for an exit but it’s something you want to find instead. But also note that if things get grim and you’ve lost your exit, you now have a new option to look for an exit instead of your goal.

I noticed that while starving, I found myself looking at a rat I’d just killed and thinking “why not?”. So now you can try to butcher rats and dogs if you wish. And if you are really hungry, you might find yourself butchering… other things. Good luck with that.
Combat was improved. Now, the “close-push” option involves a second check. First you need to get the roll to close, and then you need to be able to physically shove your opponent back. This is based off a comparison of hit points – if equal, you have a 50% chance of a shove. This means that you won’t keep getting knocked back every time a rat or bat hits you. Which means more of your attacks won’t be interrupted. But remember, this works both ways.

I’ve added a number of new rooms and halls, including the dangerous Hobo Jungle. This is where all the street people go, their town, known only to them. It’s a dangerous place but you can get a lot of good things out of it too. Just watch your back.
And, for fun, I added railroad track graphics where appropriate. It adds a nice touch.

More to come, as always!

2.4 is now up and active. Now you have cellars and the houses above. Also, a number of new places to wander into, including the dangerous ledged-path and the abandoned nuclear power plant cooling tower.

I think the next release will be the big one, with hidden underground cities!

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