The Legend of Blackbrook Village

My latest if anyone should care to give it a spin.

It started off nicely, but then:

take the envelope
You bend down and scoop up the envelope.
open envelope
You tear open the flap and pull out a hand-written letter. Two keys on a ring are in there too. You tip them into your hand.
read the letter
Error running script: Error evaluating expression 'Eval(this.defaultexpression, params)': Error compiling expression '"Cant't read the" + object.article"."': SyntaxError: Unexpected token ""."" <STRING_LITERAL>; expected one of

Arrghh! Thank you. Damn commands again.

Fixed, but I fear it won't be the last. It never occurred to me people would go to the bother of typing 'the'.

I think if anyone tries 'go to the [room name]' they'll get a similar error.

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