searching for SiFi writers


I am making SiFi adventure/tactical game on Wintermute engine.
Much has been done, but I am designer/programmer not writer, so I am looking for writers who wish to participate in project.
Might be interesting experience to make graphical game instead of text only.

There is already playable demo ready, without solid story its more as techical engine demo.

Skill based dialogues baesed on skill sets developed in game;
Tactical battle engine, when battle needed;
Radiation poisoning;
Items to collect;
Text based pad for small text stories or logs to collect;
Isometric engine;
Box items;
and more.

As I started to make this game I haven't any story, so I made it as futuristic dark mood game in some distant future where corporations have been taken over control, but story might be changed on writers desires. So I will work on technical part of game and design and writer or story logic and dialogues, stuff you like:)

If interesting send me an massage or find game in Facebook its called:
Night in Fog - Tactical RPG

Screens are old there lot more have done:)

In hope of good cooperation,
Dendrobats AKA Oto Rudovics

there's a syfy channel series called 'Incorporated', similiarly on corporations controlling an apocalyptic-after government collapse around world:

might look at it for ideas, otherwise, your game sounds like standard Fallout game series

Well it sounds like that but game is not postapocaliptic in style but more like DeusEx, Shadowrun, dark streets neon lights Japanese language everywhere. There are some influences of course but in style different game.
When I started to work on engine I haven`t any ideas about game will be so I made little of all in engine so when there will be story to tell all components could be used, so now I am seeking storyteller with wants to tell his story on this engine.
BUT check it out on Facebook, I could post link in here to download but I am not sure that it is allowed in this forums to post links.

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