[Adult] Setokaiva's Collection of Novelized Roleplaying Logs

I have created my first submission for Quest! It's a set of 30+-page gamebooks just for some light erotic reading. Tags include monster girls, vore, soft digestion, and other things, especially now that there are two novelized roleplaying logs to read. You can see the listing below. Me and my RP partners hammered these out fairly recently, and got the idea to turn the logs into a novelized format so others could read them. Enjoy!


EDIT: (07/09/17) My submission now includes two full stories to read through, rather than just the spider girl on magical girl vore story! There is now another story involving a near-demigoddess alraune meeting a young, egotistical and reckless dragoness. That one is complete and up for reading within the same submission; just click from the "main menu" which one you'd like to read. Enjoy!

EDIT: (08/04/17) There are now 3 full-length stories available to read. The third is a Demoness on Foxgirl story, with a seductive temptress being happened upon by a young, naive vixen who is about to get her first 'taste'. Note that the foxgirl character is borderline lolicon. But of course all tags are available on my submission post. Enjoy!

Wow, 30 continues with no choices! A book-Sans-Game. Kinda fan-fictiony, with a dash of Fanny Hill. It seems like you spent some time writing this, and it wasn't bad. One question though, why did you write this using Quest, instead of MSWord?...

@everwriter Because I thought that's what you had to do -- submit this in Quest format on this site. It's my first time publishing. Yes I am aware there are no choices, and maybe I should have warned about that. My bad. If that's grounds to deny the story then I understand, guess I'll just have to find some other format.

But thanks. I'm glad you liked it. ^^

EDIT: I went ahead and made a note on the posting to show that there are no choices in the book, 'cause you're right, that's more what it is than anything.

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