Trying to gauge interest

I am currently working on a text adventure called Dragon Ball Ken with this really cool new guy to text adventures called Dorugonboru who announced he was working on the game earlier. We have come up with some great ideas for the game and have started working on it together over skype. We already have some great plans for this game and it will definitely be fun to play. It is a text adventure with rpg-style combat based on The Pixie's combat libraries (with slight alterations to make it more dragon ball friendly).

So basically I am asking you guys, the community. If you would be interested in playing it once it is released so we can, as the title states, gauge community interest in the project. It is going to be a long time (possibly months) before we can even release the game to the site, but we want to be sure to get as many suggestions from you guys as we can to make it a fun rpg-style dragon ball game for all of you.

I have moved this to the game announcements and feedback forum. The other is more geared to problems and solutions regarding code.

As for the game itself... I will certainly give it a try as I do with all games that seem to have promise. I'll be honest and say that it likely won't be "my cup of tea" as I don't get into those kinds of games. I will tell you that the majority of the people who will play this game (and it likely will be quite a few) don't seem to frequent the forum much. Just a heads up in case you don't get a big response here. Also, make sure you beta-test the heck out of the game. I will gladly beta-test when it is ready.

Once you have published the game here, make sure you "advertise" on the other text adventure sites.

Best of luck!

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