Crowdfunding for new text adventures!


I've created a Patreon crowdfunding page to fund my time creating text adventures. If you enjoy my games, which include IFComp winner Detectiveland, Spring Thing winner The Xylophoniad, and textadventures' current top-ranking comedy game Aunts and Butlers, it'd be amazing if you'd consider making a small monthly donation. (Or a large one, for that matter.)

In return you can receive Infocom-esque "feelies" - maps, stories, pieces of music, and various trinkets, delivered online or, if you like, as REAL LIFE OBJECTS in the mail. For example, fans of Detectiveland can receive a professionally printed mock 1929 pulp magazine containing original short stories from the world of New Losago.

The games themselves will always be free to play, both here on textadventures and on my site.

For more info and a video of me in some silly costumes, see

Thank you!

(Hope it's ok to post this here. If not - mods, please let me know.)
EDIT: oh my goodness I had honestly forgotten that I already posted this in the General forum. Apologies for crassly commercial spam. It'd still be really cool to fund me though

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