Evil Overlord Games' Patreon for Susurrus: Season of Tides

Hey Everyone!

Evil Overlord Games has created a Patreon page for Susurrus: Season of Tides – a story-driven adventure game that combines interactive fiction with more traditional RPG gameplay. Choose your own path by joining a cabal – becoming a mage, vampire or werewolf. Not only do your in-game decisions affect the characters, but they also shape future content.

As a patron, you’ll gain access to exclusive content, new content ahead of release, in-game perks for your avatars (such as clothing and potions) – and even the option to become an NPC yourself! Check out Susurrus: Season of Tides at https://live.susurrusgame.com – available for free. And if you’d like to support the devs, take a peek at the rewards at https://www.patreon.com/EvilOverlordGames.

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