Cyanide Tea is in beta testing

I just wanted to put this in a post, so people could find it easier.

Warning: I nitpick.

> x bulb
I can't see that.
- add "bulb" or call it "light bulb" not "lightbulb"

- remove "switch on" from display verbs for the switch

- How can I look at the flashlight when it is dark?

- When I turn on the flashlight, there is an exit - but no door in the description. And why can I no longer see the switch?

- And if I turn off the flashlight, I can still see the room.


- should be able to examine lightbulb, walls, etc.

- for consistency, door should be lower case in the list on the right. Also, remove "Take" display verb. Needs a description too. Is this the door I entered by or not?

- Where are the dolls in the room? Some context would help build an image here.

- Why can I not take the baby doll?

> look at baby doll
It starts to bite you!
- More description here would be great; is it alive now, etc.? Also, a different message the second time I look.
- oh, wait, there is more. I died because I was typing this.

- I can still play after dying. Use the "finish" command to terminate the game when the player dies.

- death message appears twice

- smash baby doll did nothing. I thought because I was dead, so started again, and it still does nothing

Thank you! And the light switch disappears because turning on the flashlight moves you in a different room.

Thank you!

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