Working on a new project, and I'm pretty proud of it, reviews please?

I started working on it a few days ago, and I've always loved this style of writing. I might use the chosen platform to keep track of projects and side projects as well. My games on my profile.

I update it all the time, and this is honestly the easiest way to get to it. I'll upload a version of of it after I update this post.

Maybe put this thread in the games and feedback thread? Also, I cannot get your game to load at all at the moment.

I second that. ^

Also, I moved this to the appropriate sub-forum.


I would suggest adding a nice link to the game in this thread, too. (We're tired once we've done all the work to find the game.)

Plus, as JM and XM said, this is all we get:


The known issues

The first issue is that shared stories can no longer be read over unsecured connections: that means that "https" links work, but "http" links don't. In practice that also means you can't read stories unless you're logged into inklewriter, so stories can no longer be easily shared.

Further down that page, they tell you how to download your game. After doing this, you can submit what you've downloaded to this site. (You could actually edit your current game page on this site, deleting the current link and uploading the file you download from inklewriter.)

Can I rescue my story?

Yes. If you visit the share link of your story, you can use your browser's "Save Page As" (in the File menu) to save off a copy of the playable web page - with all the story data included. That page is entirely standalone, and so will be playable by anyone (avoiding the https issue mentioned above) - and it'll continue to be playable even if inklewriter does eventually go offline. You can also easily edit and alter the layout and presentation of the page, if you know your way around HTML and CSS. 

Ah! That makes sense.


Be sure to post the link once you get it up and running!

Updated the game, got rid of a major paradox thing, added a ton of other things. Still have a many other things to fix.

Alrighty, here's an update:
I stopped using as the site to write my project down and instead switched to Twinery, which is much easier (I guess) to use also, I can just straight up publish them to for feedback purposes, speaking of which, here is the latest version of WTSC, feel free to give your thoughts!

I know this is a Quest community and all, tried using it, the interface didn't really gel with what I was looking for, at the same time though, I'd love to continue hearing your feedback on my projects as I continue updating them! Also, if you follow me on Twitter, @MorganGavin, you'll get an invite to my discord server where you can read a few of my other works as well!

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