Sequel to last years Christmas Game...

Thanks to K.V and other Quest members for their support this year, Merry Christmas!

So far so good, ND.

I did run into this error, which I think is minor:

Error running script: Error evaluating expression 'DynamicTemplate("ObjectCannotBeStored", object1)': No template named 'ObjectCannotBeStored'

when I tried to 'put logs in fireplace'

Also, I need a little help (I know, I know. I am a huge wimp):

You are carrying a Shopping List, a Spade, a Bumper Radio Times Christmas Special, a Broom Head, a Corkscrew, a Sack of Logs, a Sniper Elite 4 Computer Game and a Pint of London Porter.

I am not sure what to do next. I'm sure I am overlooking something simple. I know I need gifts for the mice, find some butter (maybe?), get the wrapping paper, help the choir master, and is there something else I need to do in the workshop?

Any help ( a nudge should do) would be appreciated! =)


The choir needs help, speak to the choir master. If you fixed the table football you should also have a corkscrew in your inventory. There is something Gabriel can help with. If you type ‘game’ you’ll see my email address there, I can give you something more direct if you like.

The log error is weird, will check it out, cheers!


I tested this game out before it was completed, and it was fun!

I'll be playing the finished version through and reviewing it before you can say "I'm a f--king pigeon!"


Just played this game through last night.

Great job! It was really fun!

To fix the Object cannot be stored error:

Open your game in full code view (since you can do that now), and paste this line JUST ABOVE the line with the game's name:

<dynamictemplate name="ObjectCannotBeStored">"You can't put " + GetDisplayName(object) + " in there."</dynamictemplate>

The line underneath should look like this:

  <game name="A Christmas Game 2: Pigeon Jon's Lament">

NOTE: Always make a backup copy of your game file before you edit it. (You can definitely mess something up and not be able to UNDO it!)

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