PhungGames - Introduction of Tank Brawl 2

Good day !

I am Ngoc at PhungGames Studio. We are in the process of developing our 3rd title game - Tank Brawl2 which is a sequence to Tank Brawl game back in 2013( PC ) and I think this is a time to introduce our work to all of you.
We have infinity passion for tank games and years of experiences developing top-down shooter games, that 's why we put alot of effort and pain-staking polishing into our Tank Brawl 2 which is planned to release on PC, XBOX One and PS4 later this year.
We are about to release a free downloadable demo soon so we would love to spread the word to gamer communities as much as possible.

Here 's link to our Press Release page if you are interested :
and our twitter :

We are currently developing it so if you have any comments or suggestion it would be great. Thank you!

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