Looking for Beta testers.


my game is finally in beta and although there's quite a few things left for me to do it's playable from start to finish.
(music/sound will be incorporated but as of now there's not much of it in the game).

Anyone who feel like giving it a try and providing feedback are more than welcome to do so.

However, what I'm hoping for are players that:

  • Likes to take their time exploring.
  • Not only the obvious stuff in the game.
  • View achievement systems and such as something that needs to be done.
  • I have 2 different kinds of achievement systems in the game and would like feedback on both (neither one is something that must be completed to finish the game)
  • Language/grammar police.
  • Having swedish as first language I really need native english speakers to help me correct my mistakes! It's possible to get a transcript with all the text if you want to help out but don't feel like playing the game.

About the game

The game is called "The Great Something" and will be a series. The first part is called "Act I - Bro : the extraordinarily stupid tale of a former content chaser".

The game is designed to, at first glance, only seem to be a childish and silly game with foul language and lots of absurdities but is really meant to reflect on the meaninglessness one who suffers from depression might experience when trying to go through the day. (I myself am suffering from both depression and generalized anxiety disorder)

The way I see it the main purpose of the game is to explore the relationships to other characters and to 'get a feel for them'.
In many ways Act I (being my first coding experience ever) is a sort of intro to the rest of the acts.

I very much would like to know how other individuals experience the game. Your thoughts, concerns, things you like/don't like etc.

I don't have much to offer in return except credits and my eternal gratitude.

If you're interested, please be in touch, either here in the thread or send me a PM and I'll send the link.

Thank you in advance!

If I find time, I will give it a whirl!

Also, moved here.

Cool Xan.
And thanks!
And sorry for posting in the wrong forum.


If you are still looking for beta testers let me know :)

Yes indeed! I'll PM you details. Thanks!


I sent you my notes. There are a ton of them, just let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for letting me play though this, it was so much fun.

I've answered your mail with some questions and notes of my own.
And seriously... thank you for taking the time.
Your notes will help me a whole lot!


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Chaos ensues.

Anyhoo, if you still need help with your English, I'd be happy to look over a transcript.


Would "badly" be an intransitive adverb or something?

What if you had it good? Would you say "well"?

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If I were to use the slang, I'd use:

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...of course I am an American, and I grew up in the south, so I ain't got too much clout grammatically nohow...

Yeah, I should have added more dialog:
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You're cool in my book, JenniferCampbell!

Today, at Grammar Nazis Anonymous.
Jennifer: "Hi, my name's Jennifer... and I'm a Grammar Nazi..."

I don't need any more testers at the moment. I need a couple of tracks (sound) and some drawings then it's ready for public 'release'.

If you're still around when act II is in beta I'd love for you to Nazi the crap out of that one though!

"Nazi the crap out of that one!"

LOL! Send me a PM when you're ready.

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