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Title of the game:
Don't Trust The Bartender

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Warning: Mature content, foul language, drug and alcohol abuse, and triggering content.

Don't Trust The Bartender is a surreal/horror game.

Dean Mallroy is a 47 year old man who uses drugs and alcohol to deal with the loss of his wife. Everything is going downhill, with his daughter refusing to call him dad anymore, he doesn't see the point of living. When he hits that ice cold water, a figure pulls him out of it. Little does he know that this man would lure him into a false set of hope, letting his emotions get in the way of escaping death

Authors Note:
Hello, this is my second game, so I'm not an expert at coding. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. (Most likely i will be the one asking you.)

Some of your actions will affect what you can and cannot do, and you might miss important story detail.

Good luck.

Heads up

The main character is LGBTQ+, while there are no NSFW actions, (as this is not a BL) there are some hinted content. If you don't like that stuff then don't play, simple as that. No need to comment hate on my game.
This story takes place in Belovo, Kemerovo Oblast - Russia.

There is a demo of this game and the full version, more info about those will be in their description.

(Trust me, the game is better than the Demo.)

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This looks cool!

Why thanks!

Looks like a great concept, keep work!

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