Pokemon Type Harley Johto And Sinnoh Thread

Hi. Sorry I've been gone. I have been working. I have been very busy lately.

Pokemon Type Harley Johto and Sinnoh is the game I am making. It's a Pokemon game. You play as Gold, and you travel in the Johto region. The game is based off of Pokemon Gold, but there's aspects of it that are based off of other games too.

I have updated the game. Here are the changes I've made since last time:

  1. I've gotten rid of the descriptions that make the Pokemon look like zombies (I was using code from the Pixie, and I hadn't removed/changed everything yet.) I changed ProcessText("A " + obj.alias + ", {random:covered in maggots:missing an arm:one eye hanging out}.") into ProcessText("A " + obj.alias + ". A normal type. A very cautious Pokémon, it raises itself up using its tail to get a better view of its surroundings.").
  2. I updated the Old Fisherman's dialogue. See for yourself!
  3. I changed "Go out. East. North. West. Follow Silver." to "Go to Silver. East. North. West. Follow Silver."

Game link here. https://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/5jllte-m4e2e2whw4gf5jq/pokemon-type-harley-johto-and-sinnoh

Good evening! Good night!

I have updated the game. Here are the changes I've made since last time:

  1. I have improved the Pokemon's attack descriptions again. It won't be the last time either.
  2. Added look description to an oran berry.
  3. Added throw pokeball command to the pokeball case. It works but I'll need to change it.
  4. Added heal oran berry command to the pokegear. It works fine.
  5. Added new trainers.
  6. Made new teleport command.

If you want to start the game with more money, stay in your room, the first room. Then type "give me money". It doesn't work in any other room.

Game link. http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/5jllte-m4e2e2whw4gf5jq/pokemon-type-harley-johto-and-sinnoh

I would like to give attention to the look commands I put on objects. I know someone pays attention to them, but they haven't told me anything about it.

-look at Old Fisherman
Old, but not too old. Just weaker than his younger self...
-look at Cherry Nurse Joy

  • look at Spinarak
    A Spinarak. A bug type. The web spun by Spinarak can be considered its second nervous system. It is said that this Pokémon can determine what kind of prey is touching its web just by the tiny vibrations it feels through the web's strands.
    -look at Cherry Harley
    Very handsome/pretty. 6' 2" Actually, I think he might need to gain weight.
  • look at Cyndaquil (equipped)
    Cyndaquil. Fire type. It flares flames from its back to protect itself. The fire burns vigorously if the Pokémon is angry. When it is tired, it sputters with incomplete combustion.

Game link here. https://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/5jllte-m4e2e2whw4gf5jq/pokemon-type-harley-johto-and-sinnoh

I have updated the game. It seems like the glitches keep multiplying and multiplying, but I've mostly got it under control.

The changes I've made since last time:

  1. I have improved the attack descriptions. They still glitch out, but they've improved.
  2. I have made more attacks.
  3. I gave names to the trainers. Say hello to Harrison!
  4. Pokeballs work differently. You use the throw pokeball command, and the player.pokeball attribute goes down by one.
  5. I made the gyms for Falkner's gym and Bugsy's gym. As a test, I created Falkner's Pidgey abd Pidgeotto, and Bugsy's Beedrill. There are no badges yet. You can fight them if you want.
  6. "Shoot" is now "Attack" and "Attack" is now "Direct Hit." There are 2 different attacks.

I've updated the game. Here are the changes.

  1. I keep trying to fix the "error compiling expression 'this'" message. No luck yet.
  2. I added a few more objects. Professor Elm now has lab assistants. More Nurse Joys have been added to more cities.
  3. More look descriptions have been added to old and new objects.
  4. Fixed a bug in the unequip command.
  5. I updated the string dictionary/status pane.

Game link here. http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/5jllte-m4e2e2whw4gf5jq/pokemon-type-harley-johto-and-sinnoh

Wow this what i looking for. I am fan of pokemon since childhood. Just yesterday i have will and wanna to create interactive adventure pokemon-like game, after researching there and there i decide to create with Quest. I lack experience but i have a lot idea and concept tho.

I already try your game for few minutes, its not pokemon game that i dream of tho. If its me i stats panel i will show only for money, number of pokemon i have, pokemon party health, number badge i have, or even energy and so on. About number of berry i will show it in the inventory, i dont know what hit point mean in your stats panel because i have no pokemon that time.

When i look at my pokemon why there is no stats? HP, ATK, SATK and so on?

After i going around clicking in the game, following silver and choosing starting pokemon, i have no idea where i must go so click few direction and finally found pikachu by chance and take it as my pokemon, after that there is no direction i go stuck in the lake forever. After i reset i back to my house with nothing in my inventory :D

If its possible for we work together i would love it, but if no then nevermind i just glad to see game like this in here, so good luck i will try to create my game for now

@xdtiagonzhar I'm not good at programmong either, I'm using another guy's code, sorry. As the guy's code was a zombie shooting game, I had to use the stats he had. I will try to make changes when possible.

After i going around clicking in the game, following silver and choosing starting pokemon, i have no idea where i must go so click few direction

The lab is supposed to be in the North-east direction of town. After getting a Pokemon, you go to the lab.

after that there is no direction i go stuck in the lake forever.

Sorry. That's a mistake.

Okay then good luck, i will try to create combat system first tho. Looking forward for your game too :D

Okay. Thanks!

I've updated the game. Here are a few of the changes I've made.

  1. I've added a link to the help command in the first room's description.
  2. I have locked a few more exits.
  3. I made alias of the first room 'Room'.
  4. I made a few more functions.

Game link here.

I've updated the game. Here are a few changes I've made.

  1. You can teleport to and from Violet City now.
  2. I added new rooms and objects.
  3. I added new exits.
  4. I added new non-playable people.

Game link here.

I've updated the game again. Here are the few changes I've made:

  1. I fixed the Sentret glitch. There is still the chance of getting stuck in a loop or two, but it's not endless.
  2. I made it so the player and the Pokemon teleport to the Battle Room, with an alias of "battle" so it says "You are in battle," so it's harder for the player to run away from battle.
  3. I added new rooms and objects. In particular, Kurt's house, along with Kurt, is in Azalea Town.
  4. I added Apricorn bushes.
  5. I fixed buying and selling pokeballs. If you are in the player's room, the first room, you can use the password "give me money," and you'll get 20000 pokedollars. Be aware that some may find this cheating. Alternatively, you can sell pokeballs, and get money that way, this is fair game.
  6. I've added 2 gym leaders. Temporarily, each gym leader has one or two Pokemon for a test battle. I made 2 gym badges in one room, then moved them to the player's inventory once the player defeated a certain Pokemon.
    These are the gym leaders so far:
  • Falkner:

  • Bugsy:

  1. I have made a few more new commands.

Game link here. https://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/5jllte-m4e2e2whw4gf5jq/pokemon-type-harley-johto-and-sinnoh

I've updated the game again recently. Here are a few changes I've made:

  1. I've been working on counters in the first couple of rooms that spawn Pokemon. I want it so that once you spawn in, it will take the player about 5 times entering a room, to spawn the monster again.
  2. I've worked on Bellsprout Tower and Goldenrod City's Department Store. You can battle trainers in Bellsprout Tower, but you can't buy anything at Goldenrod's Department store yet.
  3. I've added new dialogue options for Professoe Elm. Collect 1 badge to see them.
  4. Throwing Greatballs and Ultraballs is temporarily disabled.
  5. Professor Elm gives out 2 Oran Berries and 10 Pokeballs at the beginning, instead of 5 Oran Berries and 5 Pokeballs.

As a reminder, you can test out the battles with the gym leaders.

Game link here.

Hi. Here are some changes I've made recently.

  1. One trainer and two gym eaders can use potions. I'm not sure if it works since I've never seen it, but I got help from thePixie.

  2. I msde a new starting room, and so you can name the player. You can also choose the gender and pronouns.

  3. I made new rooms for Route 42. I'm almost up to Mahogany Towm, meaning I'm more than half way through Johto now. I'm very excited!

I'm also quite anxious to get new players, and to get the game done. I know getting the game done takes time and effort, but Ijust want it done! I know, I know, I've made two games already, I should be proud of myself. But I just want this game done! And I'm still comong up with new ideas for Fing game/Dante's Parody/Dante's Infarcer. It's infuriating! But I am proud of my games, all of them! They're good games!

Game link here. https://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/5jllte-m4e2e2whw4gf5jq/pokemon-type-harley-gold-and-silver

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