Looking for an editor

Here we go.

I've been working on my first game, which is a Gamebook of adult and very graphic content.

During the process I realized as english is not my first language, the game could make a good use of an editor. Someone to check if the text sounds OK, makes sense, if scenes makes sense and, above all, give me some tips on dialogs. And the game is fully made of dialogs.

Instead of hunting for a candidate and explaining what I'm trying to do here, I decided instead, publish a demo version of the game. I hate publishing demos, but sounded better in this case.

This way, people may analyze what sort of material I'm producing, the tone, the mechanics and everything. With a little bit of luck I may find a 3D artist too! Great!

The game was originally designed for Visual Novel Maker, but I feel I should offer something to Text Adventures community, because everyone here always been very cool to me and I really appreciate this community. So, I decided working on Quest, and later decide if it worth making another version.

As part of my experiment, I made the whole game using a script writing model. It has slug lines, action lines and dialogs. It's even written in Courrier font, just as usual for scripts. I just changed a thing or two here and there for aesthetic purposes.

As anyone can notice, the pictures just stop appearing because I kept the demo version small for posting here at the site.

I'm using the parser mode to make a gamebook because the coding functions, but I suppose the explanation in the game will be enough to let any player play it smooth.

The whole thing has some kind of layers to the story. The choices are less about what the character does, but more about how she feels. But I added some other approaches to the mix during the game.

I still in doubt if each choice should contain mechanics details or not. I'm not a huge fan of leaving the player in dark, but I also have to consider some gaming aspects.

I think that's all for now. If I recall something, I'll come back and edit the post.


Comments about the demo version are welcome.

Thank everyone.

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