The House on Highfield Lane

This was my entry in IFComp 2021, and I could not say much about it while the competition was in progress. Now the competition is over, however, I an say: "Please play my game!"

It got placed 17th out of 71 games, which I am pretty pleased with. I think if the game had been simpler it would have done better. Complex puzzles slow judges down (though there are hints that will take you through it), and more importantly there are too many other possibilities that occur to players, but did not occur to me or beta-testers, so were not implemented.

A major reason to submit it to the competition was to get people to play the game, so the fact that only 38 people rated the game is a disappointment - I got 15 people to play it to beta-test it! Hopefully hosting it on will widen the audience.

It is written in QuestJS, so you can see how that worked out. It has a very stripped down interface, but QuestJS does support the side pane that earlier versions of Quest have. My next game will showcase that - whatever it might be. QuestJS runs in the client so you will see much faster responses than with Quest 5 and it will not time-out if you just leave the game for a couple of hours.

Looking forward to it :-)

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