Help! I'm stuck in Hitchhiker's Guide - no matter what word I put from the poetry I die.

I can't get the plotter so I seemingly can't go on. What do I do now??



Did you get the Babel fish?


...if you didn't, you have to go back and get it before you hear the poetry.

You also have to pay attention to a certain part of the poem (if I remember correctly).

When playing that game, I advise creating a new save after each accomplishment. (I think I had more than 100 saves when I finally beat it.)

I think you are suspost to "enjoy the poetry"

I did get Babel fish, only I can't tell where the second verse is
if I enjoy the poetry will it help lol?
yes I do save a lot - it didn't help!

it worked! thanks!!

after countless "waits" with no sense to work with, the game said "when will you come to your senses and solve this puzzle"!

ok I'm stuck in Hitchhiker's again, the ship asked me "when will you come to your senses and solve this puzzle." Now what lol?

Is that the one where it tells you that you can see/hear/smell/taste/feel nothing? Long time since I played it, and can't remember the exact wording.

There's one sense missing from the list, that you have to use. So if "taste nothing" is missing from the list, you type "taste" until the normal description reappears.

I'm sooooo sorry but just as things are going good I get a major big red error message and can't even restore :(

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