StoreyMinus - the Lost City!

Devnotes for version 3.0

The most important addition is the lost city, a massive adventure zone deep under London. Who knows what strange exiled people you’ll find down there in this exotic neither land. But finding it will be hard – outside of some backdoor entries, you’ll need to locate it in the hint screen, and unlike exits, goals and caveins, there are no “getting warmer” hints. You’ll find it by pure chance. See the city with your eyes and that’s victory points. Actually enter it, that’s even more. Good luck!

The ground/flooring tiles in the wandering screens are improved. You’ll find boards, stone, water, bones, all sorts of new tiles. I liked the railroad effect last version so much that I went all out with this.

I’ve included some hints at the splash screen, things I’ve learned while playing. If you have a moment you might want to check it out. You might find something that will keep you alive in the dark deep.

Of course, there were bug fixes. Lots of bug fixes. Is my face red.

Added a couple of new start scenarios in the form of new characters. They can be a lot of fun to play.

And, speaking of starting a game with a new adventurer, I also provide a starting inventory so you’ll know what your character is going in with. That should help.

So, a big version this time. Enjoy the game. I think I have one more version in me. Good luck!

And with this version (3.1), StoreyMinus is done now. I've added status icons, dozens of new places, new combat events, all sorts of things. I hope you enjoy the game. Link is below...

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