Looking for testers for Deeper 2.0

I have an update to Deeper, featuring a new interface, separate armour pices, brewing blade venom from fungus and more besides. Would anyone be willing to have a play, and see if any bugs turn up? Is it too hard, or to easier? Is stuff too hard to find?

The original version is still on the main page, this is the link for the new version for testing only:

wow, just after a first look at the interface. Is this Quest any more? :-)

talking twice to melophelos:

> talk to melophelos
'Why are you here,' you ask Melophelos.
'I like the ambience. Dank and dark...'
'No, really, why? How much business do you get down here?'
The demonic trader shruggs. 'I am imprisoned here; you are my first customer for three years.'

> talk to melophelos
Error running script: ERROR: Found topic with no alias: melophelos_how_imprisoned

Is there a problem with the stats? strength, agility,... are shown as 0
And increasing agility in level 2 shows this error

Error running script: Error compiling expression 'game.pov.hitpoints * CalcFullHits () / oldtotal': Unknown object or variable 'oldtotal'

Do you need keys to get deeper at the moment?

Yes it is still Quest. Amazing how you can play around with the UI. The tricky bit is getting it to still look like that when the player loads a save game.

Thanks for bug report. I also realised I left a load of stuff at te start that was there for testing. Should all be fixed now.

Keys and locks have not changed; every level has a locked door that requires a key fromk the prevous level, but they are positioned at random, so sometimes they will stop further access and sometimes not.

I found a ring but I can't wear it. I am still wearing the start clothes

Another bug:

> east
A big Kobold turns to look at you.

Script: if (not HasString(this, "desc")) { this.desc = Replace(this.text, "%exits%", ExitsDescription(this)) }msg (this.desc) There is a stone bench here, ideal for brewing a potion.
You can see a kobold and a mashroomman.
You can go west.

And this one:

> north
Error running script: Error compiling expression 'PickOneObject(GetDirectChildren(garments))': FunctionCallElement: Could find not function 'PickOneObject(QuestList`1)'

This might have been a demonologists laboratory at one time. There is a simple wooden door to the south. A set of stone stairs lead deep down.
You can go south or down.

I saw the same buggies Pertex saw. I'll get back into it a little 'Deeper' in a day or so. For some reason there is a lengthy delay between my inputs and responses...?

Looks good though. Nice aesthetic improvements.

New version uploaded.

entering level 1

> down

Error running script: Error compiling expression 'room.hasworkbench': Unknown object or variable 'room'

What do you think of a new spell 'map' which every player gets as default and which shows the map? I like to play Deeper without typing.

I have added a set of icons you can click; one will do the map for you. I am not sure how many players realised there was a map option; it is a spell too, but I found it useful when testing, so added it as a command.


I have now released this properly.

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