Sorcerer by Infocom

Hi all,

I started making gameplay videos for this old classic. Would be grateful if anyone who is interested could have a look and give me some feedback

Hey Gambit999, your video made me smile.
The purpose of your video is just to introduce the game?

I watched a "let's play" video for Enchanter and really enjoyed it. Watching the story unfold brought back lots of fond memories from when I played it as a kid, so from that I was inspired to have a bash at making a video myself. It sounds strange, but sometimes it's fun to watch other people play a game if it's one of your favourites.

Not strange at all; and the internet can attest.
One of the highest paid Youtubers, was a guy that played Minecraft all day.

Too bad about getting crushed by that python by the way. My condolences.

šŸ˜‚Thanks. Comes with the territory I guess.

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