Text Adventure looking for a few beta testers

Hi everyone,
With a friend, we've put together a text adventure game and we are looking for a few players to give it a try. The engine is pretty solid so it's more about commenting on the story, general interactions and such.

The game takes about 2h to complete - there is a lot to read. The format is a SMS chats where the player chooses his answers, there is ambient music. The theme is Hackers, cyber-security, paranoia, conspiracy.

It's our first full narrative game, the testing is done on Android through Google Play.
If anyone is interested, send me a message, and we can talk more about this opportunity.

thanks for reading :)

I'd be glad to help! Im new but ill try my best.

Hey my messages aren't working, so would you car to email me? if you can please tell me and i will give you meh email!
EDIT:Its fixed now nevermind!

Fantastic! anybody else?

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