Outdoor Map Demo 2.1 (for Quest 5.8)

I updated my map game with a new market system, stackable objects, and spawnable objects:


That is a lotta work. Haven't seen anything like that. Looks like we are determined to push the boundaries. Thumbs up

Super progress! The system has potential, but I would consider the hexagonal design. It makes graphical problems (white blocks) and it confuses, if you want to go east, that it always goes first to SE then NE etc. Why not a simple square system?

That looks really good! I would disable east and west, as you can only go in six directions. How about getting it to draw hexagons?

Thank you all for the kind words!

@Pertex -- I'm not sure what white blocks you are referring to. If the game is downloaded and played in Quest 5.8, there shouldn't be any white blocks.

As far as a square grid system versus a hex system, I would say that that is a matter of preference. I picked a hex grid because a) it is more interesting/unique and more of a coding challenge, and b) movement/distance to things is more realistic. However, a square grid would be a lot easier to implement and not require double attributes. Also, things like grid-clicking would be a lot easier.

@Pixie -- I thought about drawing hexagons but, frankly, didn't know how to make that work! The left/right vertices of a hex would have to jut outside of a square room (into the adjacent square rooms), and that seemed like a very difficult problem to tackle.

Don't know if this game will ever really be complete -- I need a few more things, especially a combat system, which will take a while to implement...

I had a play earlier and was very impressed! I have to agree with others though that the player moving SE followed by NE to go east either renders East, or SE and NE redundant. Which is it?
You don’t need all directions available, especially if it’s visually obvious that East sometimes means NE and sometimes means SE.
How about just making it work with N; S; E; W ?
Good work though. I love seeing Quest pushed in these ways.

Moving east = NE (once), SE, SE, NE, NE, SE, SE, NE, NE, etc. (i.e., twice SE and twice NE ad infinitum). After moving in another direction, this pattern is reset.

Going east is a way of going east without having to alternatively press the NE/SE buttons, so is a little bit easier (albeit redundant).

I am playing your game offline. Here is a screenshot of the map
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Are you running the game in Quest 5.8?


Somehow, your problem has to do with my game using double attributes instead of integers (some of the "y" double coordinates are being rounded down to integers). I remember mrangel saying something about the Quest server being set to a European convention, causing decimals to be converted to commas and thus messing up the double attributes. But that should only happen if you play the game online, not if you download it. So I'm not sure why it's not working for you...

Only other thing I can think of is this -- I can send you the .quest file directly via Google Drive and you could try it. Maybe uploading/downloading the file through the Quest web server makes changes to it?

that should only happen if you play the game online

or if your own computer is set to certain locale settings.
You should be able to make it work by explicitly using ToString() if you need to use a double value in a string; or by using the JS.functionName construct when passing doubles to a javascript function.

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