Adventure (Crowther and Woods)

A Quest conversion of Adventure by Crowther and Woods (350 point version).

The walkthrough found here should get you through. (see post 5)

The command disable will disable the pirate and dwarves. Enable will reverse this.

Any issues please add here.

I want to try this but I can't see how to download it for offline play. Is this because it is still uncategorised or has it been blocked from downloads somehow?

There is a download link.
Maybe you overlooked it.

Well! Well! Old age is catching up. I was looking for a big button. On further inspection I have now found the link and downloaded it.
Thanks DarkLizerd.

Part One - First Steps
disable, e, get keys, get lamp, w, s, s, s, unlock grate, d, w, turn light on, get cage, w, w, w, get bird, w, d, s, get gold, n, n, open cage, drop cage, drop keys, s, get jewelry, n, sw, w, kill dragon, yes, get rug, e, e, w, get coins, e, n, get silver, n, turn lamp off, plugh, drop gold, drop jewelry, drop coins, drop silver, drop rug, get bottle, fill bottle

Part Two - Watering and Clams
plugh, turn lamp on, s, s, sw, w, n, d, s, d, water plant, u, w, u, n, n, fill bottle, s, s, d, s, d, water plant, u, e, d, get oil, u, w, d, climb plant, w, n, oil door, drop bottle, n, get trident, w, d, se, n, w, drop all, e, get emerald, w, get all, nw, s, get vase, se, e, get pillow, w, ne, e, n, unlock clam, d, d, get pearl, u, u, s, u, e, u, n, plugh, drop emerald, drop trident, drop pearl, drop pillow, drop vase, plugh, plover, ne, get pyramid, s, plover, turn lamp off, plugh, drop pyramid, get food

Part Three - The Bear and the Troll
plugh, turn lamp on, s, s, get keys, sw, w, n, d, s, d, climb plant, w, get eggs, n, n, w, d, sw, u, ne, throw eggs, ne, ne, e, ne, n, s, e, take spices, w, s, se, s, e, feed bear, unlock chain, drop keys, get chain, get bear, w, w, n, w, w, sw, drop bear, sw, sw, d, se, se, w, w, d, climb plant, w, fee, fie, foe, foo, get eggs, s, d, u, w, u, s, e, e, w, w, w, e, e, get diamonds, w, s, e, s, s, s, n, e, e, nw, get all, se, n, d, e, e, turn lamp off, xyzzy, drop all, take lamp

Part Four - Last Lousy Point and Endgame
plugh, on, s, d, w, d, e, get magazines, e, drop magazines, z, z, z, z, z, sw, get rod, ne, drop rod, sw, blast

Small update to correct the room descriptions for the battery maze.

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