Quest for the Serpent’s Eye graphic text adventure full demo

I’ve published the full game demo for Quest for the Serpent’s Eye, an old-school graphic adventure inspired by my favourite titles of the early 80s. It’s my first game in many, many years and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed building it.

The full story is playable, and it has gone through a round of beta testing but please let me know if you come across any bugs. (Work in Progress) Thanks!

The full version of Quest for the Serpent’s Eye is now live! (Awaiting categorization)

I’d like to thank those who have already taken the time to download and play it, and I’d love to hear any feedback that you have.

My goal was to make a fun throwback adventure. If you liked it, let me know! If you thought it sucked, or you ran into something in the story or gameplay that made the game less enjoyable, I want to hear that as well! Either way, please try to be constructive with your feedback. Thanks!

Seems like a cool and reasonable game.

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