From A.N.Other newbie, re:player data interaction and emailing

Dear all
I decided on using Quest (as opposed to any other of the genre) to develop something that I want to do at work.
I want to create a world where a player wanders through rooms, dealing with situations, people, places, history, geography etc etc (It will take some to time to complete!) but in amongst the gaining of points (which mean prizes ...!) I, as the "Dungeon Master", want to extract some data from them - part of this 'game' is to get them to specify their 5 best records, favourite film, etc and then at Christmas time, the winner will be given a DVD of the film, a CD of their records etc, courtesy of the company that I work for. So I am looking for guidance as to (1) how to/is it possible to gather the data required - so is there some input type akin to a Form where the data will be entered and (2) getting that data to me - either by email (preferred) or by saving to a cookie-style file on the website that I can download at my heart's content. Any guidance is much appreciated... Or have I chosen wrongly by deciding on Quest and should look to another production tool to use?

Quest doesn't do email natively; but if you have your own webserver, there's nothing to stop you posting a bunch of form data there from within a game.

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