Browser Issue

Have written a Gamebook game, published it, but it's only working on Chrome and IE, will not run on Firefox and Edge.

Any ideas why?

I have 2 Gamebook games on this site already without this issue.


That seems very strange.

What do you mean by "not working"? Is there an error message? Does it give any indication what it wrong? What do you see when I attempt to run it?

If you want somebody to work out what's wrong, they ideally need to be able to try the game; or at least some indication what the error is.

Thks for replying.

is the game. Runs perfectly well on Chrome, but on Firefox it loads, then gets stuck on the opening screen, with no audio.

Someone else has tested it on IE and Edge. It's OK on IE, but same issue on Edge as on Firefox.

As you say-strange


Well I tested it on the following...
Vivaldi - OK
Opera - OK
Chrome - Ok
Edge - Ok
Brave - Ok
IE - Ok
Firefox (version 91.0.2 64bit) - No play - As you describe.

Warning - the music you are using may be subject to copyright, so you might not want to make this public.

Just tried it on firefox.

With website audio blocked (which has been the default since so many sites started using annoying audio ads), it doesn't start the audio playing, so doesn't go to the next page when it ends.

With audio enabled (click the ▶️ to the left of the address bar, choose "Allow audio and video", and then reload the page), it seems to work fine.

This will be a bigger problem on mobile browsers, where enabling background audio isn't so easy.

Thanks Mrangel. I just tried it and it now works OK too.

Note: on Chromium-based browsers (including Chrome and Edge I believe), the permission to play audio may depend on how active you've been on a site. If you play a lot of games, it's more reasonable for the browser to assume that it's a site you trust. This is a bit of a weird one, but it seems like this issue might appear for some people and not others based on your browsing habits.

As this is basically a security issue having unintended side-effects, any workaround we can come up with is likely to stop working at some point. So I think it would be better to ensure that you don't have a scene for which you don't have to wait for music to finish (which is likely to annoy a lot of players in any case).

Many thanks to all for sorting this out.

Answering some of the queries, the game will be public, it's designed as a geocaching puzzle, and by finding the right planet, players get the final co-ordinates to go and find the geocache.

Geocachers who will be playing this game are used to me using annoying music.

Kind regards

Ooops Typo - the game will not be public

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