Session expired all time

hello would like some help.
Every game I try to join is always saying that my session has expired. But my internet did not go down and nothing. I just choose an action option, whether it's move or things like that, and my session ends. If anyone knows how to solve it please help me

Only thing I can think of is to make sure you are using HTTPS:// and not the default of HTTP://

Quite often your internet can go down so briefly that you don't notice; most services can reconnect in the background, but sadly that doesn't work for Quest games.

'Session expired' can also happen because you took too long between turns (an inactive session times out), or if you're playing at a time when the server is particularly unstable (in which case trying again at another time might help).

Or it could be because there's a bug in the game. You get the same error if a broken script causes the interpreter to time out.

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