I am new to Quest

Hi everyone,

I am new to Quest and was wondering if it would be possible to use Quest to create a game based on the sport of team roping?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!

If you are new, you need to try something simple first.
Quest is set-up to be a "room to room" adventure.
It can also be a "single room" that just loops back on itself
I'm not sure how you could do the team roping, BUT, if you can figure out the steps, then it could be done.

The 1st post looks similar to a post made a month or so ago. Is it more spam??

R2T1 has an excellent memory!


... and what appears to be the first ever post concerning team roping on this site:


You have posted so nicely here, I wonder if I should delete the thread as spam now or not?

Give it a day or two to see if accused spammer replies. If not, we shall send it into the abyss!

Time will tell.

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